Sunday, January 16, 2011

Ya know ...

Ya know Dewey, after the Packers just totally dominated the (F)alcons, I'm not sure what/who we need to draft in 2011...I'm still leaning towards Jon Baldwin from Pit but I won't argue with drafting a big CB ~6'2" that can play zone...and decent match-up coverage .

James Jones made himself some $$ tonight but maybe not from the Packers because DD is still the #2 WR & Jordy is more than capable as the #3 Wr.  J.MikeFinley coming back next year...look out NFL!...that guy doesn't drop balls that touch his hands.

Offensive Line pending UFAs - #73 Colledge & reserve Jason Spitz...Spitz is most likely a gonner...but Colledge might be worth bringing back @ low-end starter's $$$.  Still should be some great competition in TC between #73, 70 & 75 (who's obviously a starter).  Can easily see TT drafting an OT in the 1st round...and the guy can be a 1-2 yr project if necessary.

I can easily see TT trading a couple of picks to move-up in the 1st or stay with their #1 pick and move-up into high 30's (~33-35).  Just don't need to exercise eight draft picks.  They can trade their 3/4/5/6 to move up!  Quality not quantity this draft TT...

I will piss my pants if Julio Jones is within reach for TT to trade-up for (from late 20's early 30's).-- I wonder if Braylon Edwards will be made available as a UFA?...not sure I'd want any other available UFA WRs (maybe Roy Williams after Dallass cuts him...).  TO or rANdy Moss might not fit w/ DD & co.  Would've liked to see Swain get a couple of tgts but it wasn't meant to be.

Will the Packers allow Mark Tauscher a chance to return in 2011?...$$$ shouldn't be an issue (he'll take a reasonable pay cut).  but ya know, his base 2011 salary will be <50% of Ryan Pickett's & Tausch's veteran leadership is very worth while [kinda like a player-coach].

OLB...I think we've found a combination of guys (starting w/ #93 Walden) at the ROLB spot...Zombo is my guy for #2 ROLB & Brad Jones/#49 Francois' as the #3/4 ROLB/OLB...QUESTION IS (is) Brady Popp worth bringing back for his ST PLAY (over #57 Wailheim).  I really like your boy from Wash (Mason Foster) @ OLB.  What did you (or anybody else) think of Markus White, FLA St.?

***** I'd really like to see TT dabble in UFA for another high-quality CB (Champ Bailey or Nnamdi).  

Packers in the NFC-Championship gm vs it don't matter 'cuz we're going there regardless...and we're gonna win!

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