Monday, February 15, 2010

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Google Reader (7): "OLB, with Brandon Graham probably gone, but Ricky Sapp, Sergio Kindle and Jerry Hughes still available. It’s very likely, however, that one of these players would be still be available 10 -20 picks later. So why not address multiple needs?"

Above excerpt is from Jersey Al's blog WRT the Packers 2010 draft prospectus. He poses a good question "So why not address multiple needs?"...there's always pros/cons to moving around in the draft or staying put. I have NFI what Ted's going to do and he's impossible for me to predict... WRT Ricky Sapp, Kindle, or Hughes, maybe one of them will be picked by Ted; they fit a need and appear to have high enough ceilings but will any of those three still be available in mid-second round?...don't think anybody can predict that answer with a high confidence factor...and I'm not saying anybody is. I haven't seen enough or read enough on Sapp, Kindle, or Hughes to have an informed opinion, at this time, on who I'd prefer.

Sunday, February 14, 2010


PACKER UPDATE: "And despite valid concerns about the former North Carolina star’s work ethic, some team will undoubtedly make him one of the league’s highest-paid players within 48 hours of his hitting the open market. That team won’t be Green Bay. “I’d be extremely surprised if [GM] Ted Thompson shows much interest,” said a person familiar with the situation. “Besides the fact that Peppers would have to learn a new position with the Packers, you can be sure that [defensive line coach] Mike Trgovac won’t be saying many positive things about his former pupil.” Trgovac was Carolina’s defensive line coach for the first season of Peppers’ professional career before taking over as defensive coordinator in 2003. To put it mildly, the two didn’t exactly see eye to eye."

Maybe "shows much interest" means $$$ and if so, it's reasonable to assume Ted won't get into a free-for-all bidding war. However, he will (IMO) think about making a significant offer to Peppers [...big difference WRT thinking, planning, and executing...]. WRT Trgovac's opinion...don't think it'll be the deciding factor with Ted. I'd like to know whether Trgovac feels Peppers is one of if not the most talented outside rushers in the NFL or not...I think Peppers is and think he's athletic enough to play OLB too.


PACKER UPDATE » Blog Archive » HAWK'S FUTURE IS UNCERTAIN: "“Salary will definitely be an issue in 2011, but it’s more about performance right now,” said a person familiar with the situation. “[General manager] Ted Thompson will hold on to Hawk if the defensive coaches think he’s one of the two best inside linebackers on the roster. They obviously considered him to be just that at the start of last season, but I’m not so sure any more. The decision to give Brandon Chillar all that money has to make you wonder.”"

IMO, you can take it to the bank that AJ will be playing with the Packers in 2010!... 2011 is a completely different story, no doubt about it.

PACKER UPDATE - bookend for CM3

PACKER UPDATE: "That would just leave finding a partner for Matthews. And while it may not be priority No. 1 in the weeks and months to come, it wouldn’t be a stretch to call it priority No. 1A."

I certainly don't think it's a stretch to call it priority 1A...and IMO it's the biggest priority for the defense in general. I like Brad Jones but think it would be a mistake to rely on him being the answer. I also think (as some/many do) that AK74 will move-on via UFA...but if by chance he returns, then problem solved WRT outside pass rush opposite CM3.

PACKER UPDATE lists biggest needs...

PACKER UPDATE: "“You can be sure that Green Bay won’t go into next season counting on a broken-down veteran, an undersized guard and a middle-round draft choice to fend off some of the league’s best right defensive ends.”

I'm not saying OT, specifically LT, isn't the Packers' biggest's certainly top 2 or 3. However, why can't the Packers count on Chad Clifton, TJ Lang, and a 2010 draft pick to man/solidify the LT position? Chad Clifton can still play least from a pass pro perspective...and resigning him is not a bad idea. TJ Lang can also play. No question Colledge cannot play LT.

My bottom line is Clifton & Lang is a good start and I also think they'll add a third option via the draft.