Monday, January 10, 2011

a.Nagler's "Gut Reactions"

By Aaron Nagler on Jan 09, 2011 with 99 Comments
  • James Starks has arrived
I gave Starks my “PotG” (along w/ AR of course).
  • Chad Clifton and Byran Bulaga quietly had good games
  • Dom Capers did a nice job of mixing it up. As frustrating as the final Eagles touchdown drive was, Capers made them earn it and took a boatload of time off the clock.
  • That said, I was throwing things at the TV when Dom went with his patented 3 man rush after he got the Eagles into a 1st and 25 situation. Three straight downs of three man rush = an Eagles first down.
Clifton deserved his PB award & while Bulaga certainly has his tough times BUT I just love the kid & think he’s going to be an outstanding OL after he gets a little stronger & bigger. 
I’m not a fan of the 3-man rush either especially when J.Bush is on the field…I’d rather see P.Lee out there instead.  I’m not even going to talk about B.Underweed!  Over-all though, I thought Dom’s game plan/play calling was outstanding and had Vick mostly confused.  I hope Dom remains in GB for a long time…he’s such a great DC.

  • ·         Once again, the Packers' receivers were feast or famine
AR had a solid thing going w/ DD but other than that, no doubt there wasn’t a thing from the other WRs.  J.Jones sucks though & I hope they let him walk in FA.    Was bummed Jordy only got one targeted throw…and GJ needs to step it up vs Atlanta because he was a no-show vs Philly.
  • McCarthy with his customary butchering of the clock there at the end of the first half.
  • That said, I love how everyone hates it when he's aggressive, yet there people were on Twitter getting upset because he was running the ball on first and second down with less than 4 minutes to go. Can't have it both ways people - if Rodgers fumbles, throws an incomplete pass or is picked off, you're all howling about how McCarthy should have been running the ball.
I don’t buy into the clock management criticism of M3 @ end of 1st half…J.Jones just dropped a SURE TD throw by AR & I think it deflated the offense…no need to take another play shot and really F it up with a turnover.  I wasn’t on Twitter during the game and haven’t read the comments yet…but I can only imagine the fuss…LMAO @ them.  M3 is a smart play caller, no doubt in my mind about that!  I think questioning M3’s play calling is …well, I’ll leave it at that. 
  • Overall, this is an excellent win, on the road, against a Division Champion. Great job all around by McCarthy and his team.
  • Packers play the Falcons next Saturday night in what is sure to be a much tougher test. Look for a much more balanced offensive attack from the Packers this time around with the emergence of James Starks as well as a healthy dose of Michael Turner from the Falcons. This promises to be a very physical game.
  • Go Pack Go.
Without a doubt is was an excellent win!!!...GREAT TEAM VICTORY!  Go Pack!

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