Saturday, January 1, 2011

By: IPBprez (early 2010)

By: IPBprez

Discussions with several in the Newz Biz, in my emails, etc., have it stated bluntly … that Free Agency, this 2010 season, is so bad there really is no reason to bother looking UNLESS your Team is ranked in the bottom 5. Even then, how would you compete knowing your better options would be to go after Draftees and hope they don’t pull an ELI MANNING and refuse the offer(s).

I don't feel like checking whether duh be@rz were in the bottom five going into 2010 but their getting Peppers was HUGE for that defense.  I'd still give the nod to CM3 but it's pretty darn close.

When it comes to what GBP “needs”, the FA market is a dead horse, plain & simple. Chad Clifton is actually the best UFA out there. Even so, I’m not hearing that Trader Ted will offer him a boatload of cash; nor do I hear that his Agent is pulling a [Drew Rosenhaus]. It wouldn’t surprise me that Cliffy has the intention of retiring a Packer, without ever leaving. I could be wrong – we all could be – yet I don’t get that sense he will get his underwear in a wad and start claiming no appreciation. As far as the RFA market goes, possibly as several have stated there might be a rare coin at the bottom of the shoebox, but I’m not holdin my breath.

Peppers was the best UFA but had to talk to him before he landed in Chicago...but boy did they pay $$$.  Resigning Clifton was a brilliant play by both parties.  Rarely do teams venture into RFA least for the worth while players.  Not sure that policy/practice will change with the pending CBA agreement.

No, the Draft is where the smart money will go this year. I also highly doubt the Rookies get offered much in the way of HUGE SALARIES, either – that trend is dying off even if it might not yet be a part of THA NEW RULES, as it were. Seeing as the contention is 2009 Draft was a NEED Operation Draft for GBP – at least the first 3 selections anyway – then will we see yet another replay of that approach in 2010 ???

Without a doubt the draft is smart money!  WRT 2010...good question & I don't know the answer but I have a wishlist of my own that goes like this:  Our needs aren't many...maybe 3-4 (OLB/PRush & OT for sure...the other two could be CB & offensive play-maker @ WR/RB (must have speed @ RB)).

I really hope so …. seeing Rodgers (aka: Bootlegger) finally get the protection he deserves, would be exactly what the Doctor ordered. The trick is watching which O-Line player might drop into the Packer’s Lap…
I definitely concur that the franchise guy needs more body guards up front.  Some people also think they need new coaching on the OL...

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