Saturday, January 1, 2011

Is age catching up to Packers' Driver? - JSOnline

Is age catching up to Packers' Driver? - JSOnline: "slot has been the money position.
'It's totally different than what I'm used to,' said Driver. 'I think I'm still playing at a high level, but we're moving around. I'm not playing the one position that I played for 12 years.'
Jennings, a classic X (split end) receiver in his first four years, has played the slot more than ever before. Jones, who generally lined up wide right in three-wide sets, also has worked extensively inside. Nelson can go anywhere now, too."

[caveat: I did not use spell check]
I'm in the camp that believes DD's age is not a big deal and he's accepted his role plus he's over his leg injury. I believe he's a solid #2 WR & will fulfill that role. No question that GJennings is the #1 guy & I think JMike is (tied @) #1 (IMO). I'm also a Jordy homer...

JJones is a strange cat for me to figure out...he's in his contract year and based on his play this year I cannot fathom paying him starter's money (even low-end starter $$). I prefer to draft his replacement for #5 and then move Swain to #4.

The draft choice, in my book, will need good size 1st/foremost (~>6'3.5") & either good long speed or be beefy (ideally a combination -- think SDCharger WR). Based on reading stuff on the senior WRs, it's thin until the underclassmen declare...& it's my WAG that ~4 of them do declare which opens the possibility for one to slide to the Pack or they trade-up a few to get him (or the OLB, or OT, or CB).

One ? in my mind is whether TT will take another OT w/ the first pick...I wouldn't mind a 325+ bruiser @ RT...and move Bulaga to the left-hand side (initially LG). Having TJLang as the 5th starter is another option, and maybe the preferable option by some.

My biggest question is can they get a stud OLB to team opposite CM3?...

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