Friday, January 14, 2011

Some pre-game thoughts on Pack's visit to Atl

  • My brother always likes to look towards the defense that's what I'm gonna do
    • Obviously Mike Turner had a huge day during the regular season, SO, IMO, the Pack D *must* shut him down & limit his YPG to ~3yds/att -- heavy dose of 3-man DL (need big game from Pick + Jenkins & obviously Raji ...H.Green's ~15 snaps could be key)
    • Put TW on Roddy 100% & CW on Gonzo @ least 70% of the time
    • The PR *must* rattle Matty-Ice - the big key is CM3, Jenkins & Raji; the 4th guy could come from anywhere else...especially if they're in nickel (if Bigby is available)
    • Have to get some TakeAways...a defensive TD would be icing
  • Offensively, score five TDs and win going-away
  • STs...must not blow any coverages; need good placement by Masthay; Crosby will be icing

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