Sunday, January 16, 2011

After further review...Pack still 48 & Atl 21

Box Score for the Receivers...

G. Jennings10810112.6030
J. Nelson88799.9114
D. Driver667612.7024
J. Jones447518.8134
J. Kuhn22147.017
A. Quarless22147.008
B. Jackson3177.007
D. Lee100000

Wow, those are some pretty good stats/production with the ball.  Only two missed targets by the WRs & GJ's fumble is the only black-mark.  I love Kuhn as a receiver & think that's where he's most dangerous.  B.Jack was a nonentity...

J. Starks25662.6013
B. Jackson11313.0013
A. Rodgers2136.517
J. Kuhn252.514
M. Flynn1-1-1.00-1

Starks, with his 25 carries pounded at the [F]alcons...I though the run was very effective in general regardless of the lack of yardage statistics.

A. Rodgers31/3636630

I thought going in that AR needed to play great...but he far exceeded my expectations...WOW!  3TD passes and one rushing TD...out-freakin'-standing!  I'm not sure what McGinn grades AR (0-5 footballs) but I'd give AR a big 5! WR/TE grade is 4.5;  RBs: 4.5; OL: 4.5

The offense totally controlled this game...but the defense was stellar & TW's pick-6 was a back-breaker.

On defense: the DL was very active & disruptive.  Raji, in particular, made his presence felt...dominating performance.  DL grade: 4

The LBs were very active & disruptive...especially CM3's domination.  LB grade 4.5

The DBs were outstanding in general, specific kudos to (obviously) TW...and of course CW was a play-maker in the box & contributed in coverage and shutting down Gonzo (non-factor).  DBs grade 5

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