Wednesday, January 12, 2011

BJ Raji, Clay Matthews picks could make 2009 draft one of Green Bay Packers most successful

The Green Bay Packers have selected twice in the first round of plenty of NFL drafts, 14 times in fact.
Interesting article by Pete; & my perception of his main point (headline) is yeah, I think so too...especially since 1991-92.  IMO, TT is a better drafter than RW was but I'm not real sure why he is...just a gut feel I guess.  
What I feel WRT Raji & CM3 (plus Tramon & CW + NC & Shields) they've got the building blocks for a dominant D...(maybe why I took them for FFL).  Obviously CM3 is the key playmaker...but WOW are they loaded with other playmakers that it amazes me they didn't allow less PPG than they did.  I think it's obvious their strength (5-deep) is at DB but I most definitely like CM3 & his running mates.  If Zombo gets healthy, then the LBs are 5-deep & would be as strong or stronger than the DBs.  We really only have 3 (almost 4) DLmen but that's ok as long as BJ holds-up & Jenkins can contribute good PR (job #1)...However, Ryan Pickett might have to play more than Jenkins because of Michael fact, on downs Dom plans on taking away the run I'd use Howard Green before Jenkins (obviously going 3-DL).
Back to the 2009 draft...
20091199B.J. RajiDTBoston College
 212626Clay Matthews JrLBUSC
 349109T.J. LangTEastern Michigan
 459145Quinn JohnsonRBLouisiana State
 5526162Jamon MeredithTSouth Carolina
 669182Jarius WynnDEGeorgia
 7614187Brandon UnderwoodDBCincinnati
 879218Brad JonesLBColorado

Only guy not with the Pack is Meredith & no big loss there.  Not sure Wynn will be in the 2011 camp but I'd let him show & see how he does...but he's either got to get a lot bigger & stronger or shed 15-25 lbs and switch to LB.  Underwood has been an enigma this year but regardless, they will bring him back in 2011.  The mighty Quinn should be the starting FB and will definitely (IMO) have that job in 2011.  I think T.J. Lang will be starting in 2011 too...Brad Jones will be a reserve in 2011 but a valuable reserve & core ST player.  What a DRAFT by TT!  

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