Friday, January 14, 2011

Some initial draft thoughts....

At this time, I'm thinking the Pack's #1 pick will be WR Jon Baldwin from Pit

364Jon BaldwinWRPittsburgh6-52301-2same4.4

I'd love for AR to have another 6'5" guy to throw too...and I think TT might be looking for J.Jones' replacement.

Wouldn't object to the following player w/ the first pick either:

335Jimmy SmithCBColorado6-22051-2same4.49

If they took Jimmy Smith, then I'd target this guy with the 2nd pick:

767Titus YoungWRBoise State5-111802-3same4.48

But if the Pack got Baldwin, then I have to go in this direction:

739Curtis BrownCBTexas6-01852-3same4.4
678Brandon BurtonCBUtah6-01852-3same4.49

Yes, I'm saying CB/WR is our top two needs this off-season...& TT usually doesn't dabble w/ outside UFAs but ya never know...there's potentially two v.good/great CBs that could be available (Nnamdi Asomugha & Champ).

My 3rd target is OL...

9210Marcus GilbertOTFlorida6-53203same5.23
965Stephen SchillingOGMichigan6-53083same5.14
1156John MoffittOGWisconsin6-43233-4same5.26

4th round take BPA...whoever that is...

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