Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Musings...21 Dec 2011

Excerpt from the following @JSOnline:

"The Packers would love for Clifton to swoop in and save the day. He has missed nine straight games. McCarthy said the team is confident the hamstring he injured at Atlanta on Oct. 9 is healed. The concern is his ailing back.
Clifton's replacement, Newhouse, continues to ride a season's worth of highs and lows. Philbin said Newhouse wasn't fully responsible for the sack and fumble on Rodgers in the first half. Rodgers held onto the ball a tad longer. And as Philbin put, it's not like Chiefs' 275-pound bull rusher, Hali "took Marshall to school every play." Still, Sunday was certainly another step back.
More than anything, coaches just want to field a full, healthy offensive line."
  • I think:
  • If Bulaga is out it would be really nice if Clifton can play.  EDS is the weak link as a starter & gets bull-rushed too much...Dominguez has size advantage & maybe could play LG vice EDS.
  • The Packers probably should've helped Newhouse w/ some chip-blocks...
  • Ted always drafts OL and will get another guy in 2012 draft...
  • The GB def PR is lacking big-time & there's no doubt in my mind Ted's main draft focus needs to be somebody that can get to the QB.
  • The Pack misses Nick Collins & so do I...
  • They also need Ryan Pickett!
  • ---[]---
  • Cobb has been a great addition...quite a dynamic runner in space.  Look fwd to seeing him get more offensive snaps & some looks/touches out of the backfield.
  • Would like to see AR call for more moving pocket him in a roll-out pass option plus he's good going either direction.  BL: need to limit the blind-side hits...been too many.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

1st loss in 2011 regular season...

I haven't blogged during the Packers 13-0 regular season run in 2011 but now they lost to KC in KC...NOT an epic fail, as some may think, but certainly a big downer from my perspective.  Oh well, things could be worse and things really aren't bad seeing they still are in the driver's seat WRT HFA during the playoffs.

AR wasn't really off per say; sure he had a few not so good decisions on sacks but he didn't get much help from the receivers either...WAY TOO MANY drops.  JMike again had most of the huge drops!...guess he only wants to be franchised vs getting the big contract?...sure has been playing like it in 2011.

The defense didn't get any turnovers and that surprised me...thought TW possibly had the best chance at an INT but there were a couple of other opportunities by the sacks by the defense.  Gave-up 19.

Regardless, I blame the offense for this loss.

Now it's time to start another win streak and win another (and consecutive) Super Bowl.