Friday, January 7, 2011

Some thoughts I wrote on paper before be@rz vs PACK & wk17 review...

  • Greg Jennings vs Percy H...GJ is a pBowlr @ WR...has Percy been to a PB?
    • I prefer GJ but want a Percy type to replace DD
Week 17 vs duh be@rz [Great Defensive Game! & good ST play]
  • #93 Erik Walden sk on Cutler (3rd/gl) w/ ~4min 1st hlf was SOLID def in RZ
    • #93 has v.good quicks @ ROLB & maybe is a decent combo w/ ZOMBO
    • #93 has good spd [after gm I had him down for 3 sks & PotG] [NFL later awd 3rd sk & 16 TTk] -- #93 was my PlayerOfTheGame(PotG) Def
  • How many TD rec has GJ dropped this season?...@ least 3-4 + #89) has drpd 2-3; for gm GJ drpd 1 TD & was stopped @~2yd 2 other times
  • ARodg stopped throwing to Jordy after early success...why?...
  • Need to stop the run.// stop For'te...[always need to stop the run]
  • P T.Masthay is becoming a stud but KR cov still frequently sucks [generally, KOR cov sucks more]
  • Charlie Peprah, was that a huge play in their EZ for a touchback & TA!
  • Six Sacks by D...20 seconds left, GB by NickC, Pack Wins!
  • Sic the dogs after Vick!

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