Tuesday, March 19, 2013

3/19/13 salary cap thoughts

  • JSOnline is reporting the Packers have ~$19.8m in available 2013 salary cap.  
  • I cannot account for ~$145k of the ~$19.8m & that amount inflates by $500k in Roster Bonus for Aaron Rodgers...JSOnline does not, but I do.  
  • AJ Hawk gives back to the team's salary cap!  His salary cap is now comparable to Desmond Bishop's but Bishop's base salary and bonus other than PR$B is higher.
  • Compensatory Picks have been announced but total rookie cap has not been disclosed ATT.
  • Russ Ball has his work cut-out WRT getting enough core players extended.
  • Aaron Rodgers is under contract through the 2014 season (i.e., he's UFA in 2015).
  • Aaron Rodgers could sign a life-time contract extension (7-10 yrs) for cap flexibility.
  • CM3 could receive a top-5/10 ave for top paid defensive players (base/salary cap)
  • Raji has the same agent as the above two...
  • Not counting CM3 or Raji, the Packers will have 17 U/RFAs going into 2014.
  • Probably need to consider extending James Jones and/or Jermichael Finley in 2013 ('14 ufa).
  • Morgan Burnett and Sam Shields are pending 2014 UFAs.
  • FAs in 2015 include TW, Bishop, Jordy, Cobb, and Bulaga + several RFAs (e.g., Barclay).
  • The Draft is always interesting; lots of intriguing prospects that I like (e.g., Vacarro, Eddie Lacy, Margus Hunt, J. Hankins, Datone Jones, Eric Reid, etc.)

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