Saturday, March 9, 2013

2013 season predraft thoughts - 9 Mar

Have not posted in a long time.  Trying to post this using an ipad (2-finger typing) is challenging because I don't text via cell phone (lack experience).  I've seen various reports on available cap numbers and the most recent IIRC was by LaCanfora.  I can't remember the amount but think it was around $20+M.  Not sure if that counts J.Jolly @$2.5 (approx) but thought JSOnline reported he is supposed to BUT maybe he doesn't and counts this Tuesday @start of 2013season instead.

Draft & FA period is just beginning.  Will be interesting to see when ARod is extended as well as CM3.  I think they can wait on Raji but they all have same agent.

How far apart in contract & cap $ are they?  NFI...  All 3 should be under contract going into 2014 or beyond.  Other players (e.g., AJ, etc.) could be restructured.  Maybe TT signs a 2nd tier FA @favorable rate for GB.  Maybe it's Canty or a safety...or maybe Cullen returns.

Drafting Lacy in 1st has popped into my head a few times but a 6'5" or more length @DE is something I also think about (think Margus Hunt).  It'll be fun to watch TT draft, he's the best.

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