Tuesday, October 9, 2012

2 wins & 3 losses...I didn't see that coming...

I didn't envision 2 wins & 3 losses...I just didn't see that coming...players aren't making clutch plays and there's plenty of blame to go around.  All three phases -- offense, defense & ST contributed to the loss.  It's unfortunate for Mason Crosby to be the final goat on final play.

My younger brother almost always defense wins championships...I think the Packers' 2012 defense is too inconsistent as is the offense...but I'm not a coach...just a stockholder and fan.  I'm not sure what percentages to attach towards players/coaching/officiating.

Officiating:  It is what it is...they're human and make mistakes.  Tough judgement call against Nick Perry hurt.

Great first half vs Indy!...less than mediocre second half.  It starts with ARodg but he needs to be more decisive too.  Too many dropped passes has been a continuous problem and they're very inconsistent versus press coverage.  The most inconsistent has been JMike but Jordy certainly needs to clean-up his drops too (plus I'm counting on him in ffl).  There have been some positives so far...like Cobb, James Jones, and Benson.  Even without Benson, M3 cannot give-up on the run and neither should ARodg.  I do not expect the Packers to score 35 points per game but they MUST become more consistent offensively and I believe they're too talented not to.

1 and 8 - GB 811:1112-A. Luck pass to 83-D. Allen for 8 yards, TOUCHDOWN.
4-A. Vinatieri extra point is GOOD.
GB 21    IND 10    Plays: 5    Possession: 2:13
4 and 10 - GB 327:454-A. Vinatieri 50 yard field goal is GOOD. PENALTY on Green Bay, Defensive Offside (declined).
GB 21    IND 13    Plays: 7    Possession: 2:23

3 and 3 - GB 30:2312-A. Luck rush for 3 yards, TOUCHDOWN.
2pt Conversion FAILS.
GB 21    IND 19    Plays: 6    Possession: 2:54

4 and 9 - GB 108:084-A. Vinatieri 28 yard field goal is GOOD.
GB 21    IND 22    Plays: 7    Possession: 3:19

1 and 4 - GB 40:3912-A. Luck pass to 87-R. Wayne for 4 yards, TOUCHDOWN.
2pt conversion SUCCEEDS.
GB 27    IND 30    Plays: 13    Possession: 3:51

That was a brutal second half for the defense.  I have a new respect for Reggie Wayne...he was outstanding but also was targeted 20 freakin' times.  89 total plays by Indy is ridiculous.

Will the Packers get their act together as a team and start winning games is the great unknown.

If it starts with defense, then they need to become more consistent in getting off the field and they also need to capitalize on turn-over opportunities.  Need to eliminate those costly defensive penalties regardless of a perception several have been bad calls involving Sam Shields.

Offense with six consecutive second half drive ending in zero points was pathetic!...when compared to their first half performance.  Even if ARodg eliminates the sacks he's accountable for the blocking scheme still needs to improve.  I also think they need to grind it out more with shorter passes and continue with the run.  They can still run the rock without Benson...just have to stick with it and give it a  chance to develop.  I hope M3 gives Alex Green & James Starks the ~20 touches per game and maybe more.

They also need to increase Randall Cobb's offensive touches.  JMike is on my $#!+ list.  James Jones is not and has become very reliable in 2012.  Jordy should be the most targeted, and has been but his catch rate % of ~63% is 4th place behind Cobb, JJones, & Finley.

 If they don't win ten games it'll be a huge disappointment...obviously...11 games still to go!

Go Pack Go!

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