Sunday, July 8, 2012

2012 Cap Space & future extensions

Team-by-team cap space as of June 22

Packers:  $11.25 million.

That's a nice chunk of $$ Ted can use to reinvest in players.  Greg Jennings & TJ Lang are the key pending 2013 UFAs.  I would focus on resigning Lang first because he'll be cheaper and they have better depth at WR than OL.  Worst case with Jennings is they use the franchise tag on him.  The rest of the pending 2013 UFA/RFAs are not high priority guys in my book. ..the exception is Sam Shields.  Next focus group would be guys like CM3, Aaron Rodgers or some other core guys with contracts expiring after 2013-14 seasons.  

How much does Ted want to spend on Greg Jennings?...Some people speculate in the $55m range over five-years.  That speculation is plausible but affects James Jones and possibly JMike's future $$.

TJ Lang will likely be paid less that what Josh Sitton got but it'll be a nice financial package.  Lang is the Packers most versatile OL and IMO could also play center if need be.  

CM3,  BJ Raji & JMike contracts end after 2013 & Aaron Rodgers is 2014.  Aaron Rodgers will be paid big $$, no doubt about it.  CM3 is the next key player!...and will be paid.  I would extend CM3 before Greg Jennings & Raji.  Raji should be cheaper to keep than Jennings.  I would choose Raji over Greg Jennings, if necessary.

My bottom line:  Extend CM3 target cap # for him is ~$6m in 2013 that includes a $12.5m SB over 5-yrs + other bonus $$ each year.  I'd target TJ Lang @ ~$3m cap in 2013 and a SB of ~$4m.  Those two extensions in 2012 would take ~$5.75m of the $11.25m.  The remaining ~$5.5m could remain untouched until needed (used in 2012 or carried forward into 2013).  In this scenario, I think they'll wait until 2013 to extend Aaron Rodgers...and Greg Jennings.    

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