Tuesday, January 26, 2016

25 January 2016

Maybe I'll start blogging more considering I'm taking college classes in-order-to get an associate in science in Information Technology focusing on a Web Programming & Database capstone.  Maybe I won't because my classes are time consuming...but I digress.  Regardless, thought I'd put a few of my recent thoughts out here on the Web regarding the Packers' 2015 season.

Obviously a tough loss to Arizona...coulda, woulda, shoulda..stuff happens.  I'm still a proud stockholder regardless.  I'm definitely looking forward to the 2016 season.  Obviously need to get through pending FA and the draft...with FA up first.  Nice blog post over at CHTV regarding pending FAs for the Packers.  I have a different opinion/ranking than Adam does.

My #1 is Mason Crosby and I'd use the Franchise Tag on him if necessary...definitely should not let him reach UFA status and open bidding.

2) Mike Neal or Nick Perry.  I like them both but think there's less than a 10% chance to resign both (having both would eliminate the need to draft an OLB pass-rushing type).  Both can play!...and start opposite CM3.  I think Neal will cost more to resign than Perry and I'm not sure what type of $$ Neal is looking for but will WAG it's in excess of $5M average.  Biggest question/history with Perry obviously is his injuries.  IMO, it's imperative they sign one of them...and I'd gamble on Perry.  Also need to do this before the draft.

3) John Kuhn.  I would resign Kuhn because he's one of their best run blockers in the TE/FB group.

4) James Starks.  Interchangeable ranking with #5 (Raji or Guion).  I'd wait to resign him until after the draft.

5) Raji or Guion...or gamble going with Pennel, Ringo, Boyd, and/or a draft pick?  I would not pay Raji much more than what he got in 2015; Guion might come cheaper.  The Packers do not need both Raji and Guion.  I'd wait until after the draft regarding the decision on Raji or Guion.

6) Don Barclay, Casey Hayward, and James Jones,  I'd wish them all well but would not offer them a contract.  James Jones would be the #7 receiver...  Hayward will simply receive more $ than what the Packers need/want to pay.

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