Tuesday, March 27, 2012

26 Mar 2012

In Ted we trust... (author unknown)

I've liked Ted Thompson, as a GM, since the day he was hired.  I think many people consider his Packers tenure as successful.  However, some may also consider his lack of UFA fishing over the years to be a negative...but I don't.  Michael Hunt made some interesting comments WRT Ted's philosophy.

I find it hard to criticize Ted...Draft well, resign your own, and pay your own stars...he's definitely been successful...  He doesn't manage the Cap but has a Cap Guru do it for him (like Ron Wolf did); the Guru's been doing a pretty good job too (IMO)...they've got room to pay their own and play in round two of the NFL's FA period.

  • Signing Jeff Saturday could be a huge pay-off but we'll see...regardless, Saturday was the best available option at the time.  (I do not fault TT for not paying Scott Wells like St. Louis did)
  • I'm really intrigued by the Daniel Muir signing--could be high pay-off/low-risk ($$)
  • Dave Tollefson is visiting the Packers in two days (on Thurs); I'd love to see him signed!
  • Anthony Hargrove has been tweeting he's going to Green Bay...
Cap Management
  • I'm not exactly sure how much cap room the Packers have this hour but I think they're ~$3M (or more) under and could do some restructures for additional room.
  • They have to think about future contracts...here's a few Packers' in contract years:
    • Greg Jennings and T.J. Lang (UFAs)
    • Several RFAs (e.g., Shields, Zombo, & Crabtree)
  • What players are in for healthy contract extensions?...IDK...but I won't be shocked if it isn't GJ.
  • The SOONER they extend Aaron & Clay the BETTER.
Twelve draft picks for Ted to play with...he's going to have fun!  I'll let the draftniks debate how he should/will do it.

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