Monday, February 15, 2010

Google Reader (7)

Google Reader (7): "OLB, with Brandon Graham probably gone, but Ricky Sapp, Sergio Kindle and Jerry Hughes still available. It’s very likely, however, that one of these players would be still be available 10 -20 picks later. So why not address multiple needs?"

Above excerpt is from Jersey Al's blog WRT the Packers 2010 draft prospectus. He poses a good question "So why not address multiple needs?"...there's always pros/cons to moving around in the draft or staying put. I have NFI what Ted's going to do and he's impossible for me to predict... WRT Ricky Sapp, Kindle, or Hughes, maybe one of them will be picked by Ted; they fit a need and appear to have high enough ceilings but will any of those three still be available in mid-second round?...don't think anybody can predict that answer with a high confidence factor...and I'm not saying anybody is. I haven't seen enough or read enough on Sapp, Kindle, or Hughes to have an informed opinion, at this time, on who I'd prefer.

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