Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Post-draft thoughts & 53 man positioning

  • Post-draft thoughts

I liked what Ted did in the draft! two players with pass-rush ability and great over-all potential.  He also drafted a ball-hawk in Casey Hayward.  Worst case Ted drafted two immediate starters and possibly a third with Hayward (5th db worst case projection). 

Draft trader Ted...I thought it was interesting that NE traded-up twice and so did Ted.
Ted's 3rd draft-day trade was interesting too but I don’t have high expectations for him in 2012.
I think all eight draft picks make the final 53.
  • 53 man positioning

Quarterbacks: I think Mike & Ted will want to keep three & Graham Harrell becomes the #2 with B.J. Coleman as #3

Running backs: Kuhn, Starks, Green (if healthy), and then the competition begins with Saine vs the two undrafted free-agents (Bennett & Tyler).  Definitely have to keep four but could keep five.  If Green is healthy I’d consider keeping four.

Wide Receiver:  Definitely keep five but could easily keep six; probably the deepest position on team.  Greg Jennings is a pro-bowl player; entering his last season under contract at a very expensively paid position.  Jordy Nelson is my favorite Packers WR; he really stepped-up and stood-out in 2011 and in my view is 1b at WR.  Randall Cobb is an outstanding return man who I believe will also be the 3rd WR.  Not many, if any, teams can boast about having a 4th as talented as James Jones.  I still think Donald Driver can play well in a reserve role plus, more importantly, his leadership should not be underestimated.  Of the remaining WRs, Tori Gurley intrigues me the most because of his size and raw ability.

Tight Ends:  They’ll go with four if Quarless is on PUP (and I think he will be).

Offensive Line:  Eight/nine appears to be the roster limit: 1) Bulaga 2) Sitton 3) Saturday 4) Lang 5) Newhouse 6) Sherrod 7) Dominguez 8/9) Datko/Genus/Dietrich-Smith

Defensive Line:  Raji, Pickett, and Worthy then the competition begins.  They typically keep six but could go five early in the season.  Statistically, it appears Wynn warrants being #5 (Daniels is #4 unless IR’d).  C.J. Wilson or Guy would be the 6th DL.  It will be very interesting to see what happens when Neal and Hargrove return. 

Line Backers:  Have to keep eight but could keep nine (five OLB).  I’ve seen too numerous to count blogs/blog comments regarding A.J. Hawk’s shortfalls.  I realize he has shortfalls but also believe many in the blog-sphere expect too much from him based-on his draft position and pay.  Yeah, he definitely is over-paid but that is not his shortfall!  DJ Smith is a keeper and someone to develop inside; the 4th inside position is up for grabs but my guess is it goes to drafted rookie Terrell Manning.  CM3 & Nick Perry as book-end OLBs is exciting!  Back-up OLB is wide open with Jones, So’oto, Zombo, Lattimore, and Walden competing for two, maybe three spots.  I hope they keep So’oto and Lattimore. 

Defensive Backs:  Keep nine possibly ten.  Obvious hold-over players CW, TW, Burnett, Shields, Bush, probably House, definitely Hayward, probably McMillian, and likely Peprah makes nine.  Keeping M.D. Jennings or Sean Richardson as the 10th DB is questionable but plausible.
I think the Packers will have 26 offensive players, 24 defensive players, and three specialists.


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